Village of Roslyn, NY
1200 Old Northern Blvd. Roslyn, NY 11576
ph: 516-621-1961
fx: 516-621-2171
Forms & Documents
2017 - 2018 Village Budget
2018 Recycling Schedule
Roslyn Guidelines for Historic Restoration
Village of Roslyn, Storm Water Management Plan
Roslyn Comprehensive Plan
Property Tax Credit for Conservation Easements
FOIL Requests
Claims Form
Residential Solicitation Letter
Maps of Roslyn
Roslyn Traffic and Parking Study 2016 - Final
Amusement Device Permit
Entertainment Permit
Restaurant License Apllication
Tree Removal Permit
E-Waste Management
Building Permit
Plumbing permit
Roofing/Re-Roofing Permit Application
Road Opening Permit
Insurance Requirements for Independent Contractors/Sub-Contractors
Filming Requirements
Indemnification & Hold Harmless Agreement
Elected Officials Standard Work Day
The Village of Roslyn MS4 Annual Storm Water Management Report Draft as of March 9, 2017 available online (below)


Copies are available in the Building Department Storm Water Repository.

09/09/2016  MS4 Progress Report available online (below)


For more information, please visit Nassau County Soil & Water Conservation District