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Message from Mayor Durkin and your Board of Trustees
Dear Neighbors:

Hope you are all having a great summer.  We just wanted to thank everybody for observing the water restriction hours that the Roslyn Water District imposed as a result of the closure of two of its wells.

So far, pressure levels have remained good for the months of June and July and we appreciate your effort and cooperation. Just as a reminder, the hours for automatic sprinklers in the Village are between 10 p.m. and midnight on odd and even days depending on your house number.  Manual watering is permitted from 4:00 p.m. until     10:00 p.m. also on odd and even days.  Richard Belziti, Village Superintendent, has asked everybody to check to make sure that all your storm water discharge gutters, leaders, wells and pumps are going into storm drains and not the sanitary system as storm water intrusion puts undue strain on the system.

We are happy to announce the opening of the Roslyn Village Farmers Market on Saturdays 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. at the old Mobil Lot on East Broadway and Old Northern Boulevard.  The market features locally grown produce, as well as locally sourced items such as cheese and eggs.  The market will be open throughout the summer and early fall.  We want to thank Eric Longobardi and Julie Soltz for their efforts in making this happen.

The Village recently purchased the Mobil Lot with the idea of creating a roundabout (or traffic circle).  This will create better traffic flow in the Village and will “anchor” that end of town with the scenic vista and view corridor in an east – west direction.  The project will take some time to complete, but we are now in the initial stages of planning.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the market.

The Lumber Road Municipal Parking Lot has been completed.  The lot was constructed in part with a grant from New York State.  In addition to the lot, a public walkway along the harbor has been built.  This is a first step in a process that will give the public access to the harbor along both sides of the creek.  Over the next several years, as sites are developed, the walkway will extend from the Grist Mill to the Viaduct and beyond.

Finally, it is with sadness that we note the passing of Anne Novakowski, one of Roslyn’s oldest residents.  Anne, who was ninety-five, lived her entire life here in the Village.  She was a wonderful neighbor who knew so much of the rich history of the town and was glad to share those stories with us.  She will be missed.

That’s about it for now.  We hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to seeing you around town.


Mayor John Durkin
Deputy Mayor Marshall Bernstein
Trustee Marta Genovese
Trustee Craig Westergard
Trustee Sarah Oral

1200 Old Northern Blvd. Roslyn, NY 11576
Phone: 516-621-1961 - Fax: 516-621-2171